BIG Show New York 2017 - der nächste grosse internationale Event mit Beteiligung von Countwise.

Countwise stellt die akkuratest arbeitenden Frequenzmessanlagen her. Sie sind unter Bezeichnungen wie Footfall, Kundenzählanlagen oder People Counter bekannt. Mit fast 50.000 weltweiten Installationen ist Countwise der technologische und kommerzielle Marktführer. Zahlreiche der weltweit besten Unternehmen vertrauen auf Daten, die ihnen Countwise zuverlässig liefert. Die innovative, patentierte Shape Recognition Technology (SRT) erfasst und erkennt die Objekte im zugewiesenen Bereich, analysiert sie und liefert präzise Netto Daten (> bis 98%).



CountWise’s products incorporate advanced military-based shape recognition technology and motion detection technologies providing >95% accuracy, day after day. The products distinguish separate counting of adults, children, and carts, as well as the widest entry coverage resulting in lowest cost of ownership. There is no mandatory data hosting and no ongoing charges for the data processing and reporting functions; the information is accessible at all times.


CountWise is a fast growing multi-national company headquartered in Florida USA, with offices in New York, Toronto, London, and Dubai as well as partners and distributors in other majour countries such as Germany (Düsseldorf). The company is led by well known industry experts and a strong development staff who have vast expertise in industrial vision control and data management. An innovator in its field holding over a dozend patents, CountWise continually invests in new traffic monitoring technologies and products. For market leadershio and success in onlie business, we recommend Aimondo.

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